Thursday, 25 August 2011

In memory of...

Good evening my dear blogger Friends..

My Baby Abbie has cut her 6th tooth, a front tooth, so not much sleep, and on top of that, My big baby, Emma, has taken ill. Nothing serious, just a bit of fever and such but still enough to upset her.. Ahh the wee souls wouldnt sleep last night. Just as Abbie FINALLY went to sleep, at 2.30, Emma came into me and was awake till 3.30.. ( and they all got up at 7am) The only one who got any sleep, was my wee chatterbox Michael... Lucky boy lol...
Well not all doom and gloom today though :-)  Postman landed with a wee pressie from hubby :-)   Ok, OK I admit it, I nagged him and sulked worse then the kids till he agreed for me to buy some new stamps... 6 Lily of the valley stamps, arrived in the post this morning.. yeah me lol.. there was free postage over 25 pound so i spent 27 pounds.. I will take a picture later to share...

Well, anyway... the card I want to share today is made in memory of a dear friend who sadly passed away only a few weeks ago. Those of you who are on the do-craft forum will all know who im talking about..
I took part in a goody bag swap on do-craft forum and the theme for the bag, was in memory of our dear friend. The card is made using only the goodies my partner sent me (apart from the stamp). Its one of those cards, that I dont think i'll ever use, but as I said, it is made totally with our friend in mind..

Sorry the picture is a bit dark, think I must practice taking pictures.
As I said before, the card is made totally from my goodybag.
Hope you all like my wee card, and THANK YOU for any comments.

Marleen xxx


  1. Lovely card Marleen, Enjoy ur new stamps :)
    Becky x

  2. This is a beautiful card Marleen. Lee xx

  3. You have a great hubby... buying you all those stamps!! Hope you have managed to catch up on your sleep

  4. Aww Marleen this is lovely :-) Late leapblogging-hope you have a good bank holiday! Elaine-xxx-

  5. A lovely card and a very pretty blog..

  6. this is gorgeous marleen and i think liz would be annoyed if it went to waste!!!!
    kathleen mc x