Thursday, 18 August 2011

No time!!!

Have you ever had a day when NO MATTER WHAT, you just dont get the time to craft???
The last few days, has been like that for me. Yesterday we took the kids to the Zoo in Belfast. Great day out, but I swear to you, that even 3 hours by car, away from my craftroom, i could still hear all my stach calling me.. And all day today, just never got the time. Now, dinner is nearly ready, then it's bath time and then bedtime.. yeah.. I'm counting the hours till I can sit down and countinue tidying up.. Started to sort all my papers the other day but in the end, I was too tired to get finished, so I left it and havent managed to get finished yet.. 8pm roll on... :-)

Marleen xxx


  1. Im having one of those weeks Marleen!!

  2. Hi Marleen, I know just what you mean - there has been a distinct lack of crafting here just lately. Then when I do get to craft little fingers like to 'help'! Hope you get some time to yourself to create soon. Sarah

  3. good luck with the sort out.
    all my papers that are under 12x12 are in those plastic pockets and all the offcuts are kept together with the whole sheets so i can see if i've got a suitable smaller piece to use before i cut into a new piece!!!
    kathleen mc x