Monday, 19 September 2011

Before and after... Question...

Hello my fellow bloggers...

Today I would like to share a "before and after" card.
In my last blog entry I mentioned a card I was really stuck on. No matter what Idid, I just could not get it right. I had coloured the wee guy in, and then left him for the day. Then the next day came back and made card no1. But I just was'nt happy so I left him for another day. Once again, just could not get it right, and thats when, in the end, I pulled of my wee guy and started over..

Do you ever get stuck??? And how do you deal with it???

There was a few stables on it, but took them off befor I took the picture..

And here is the finished card. Much better I think...

Sorry card is turned the wrong way, damn pc wont let me turn it...

Things I have used:

Papers from stach
White card stock
Free digi stamp and greeting from "simply cards & Papercraft" magazine
Brad, Stables

Hope you all like my wee card, and THANK YOU for any comments.
Looking forward to hear how you all get out of a crafty pickles...

Marleen xxx


  1. Love the finished one much better as those papers are fab colour and texture too! Sheila:)X

  2. both look gorgeous marleen but i do prefer the 2nd card as the papers match the fun image ;D

    xx coops xx