Friday, 9 September 2011


As i was sitting looking through my craft boxes for embelishments for a card the other day, I started to think!!! scary thought lol... Well anyway.. was looking in a box, and found this STUNNING little clasp I had. Dont know where I got it from but I only had the one. Now the clasp would have looked stunning on my card and been just perfect, but I started to think, "What will happen to the card and the clasp when the reciever of the card is done with it???" Will it be thrown in the bin? Will the reciever take the card apart and use some of the bits?? or will it maybe be keept in a special little box to look at in years time???
In the end, I put the clasp back in the box and found something else to use. I simple couldent bear the thought that my wee clasp would be thrown out never to be seen again.
I have noticed, especially on my christmas cards, that i make them quite inexpencive. Things, like my little clasp, I save for scrapbooking pages, so i know they will be keept and valued.

So my Question is: Do you ever think about what happens to your cards after they are "used"??? and does it bother you to think that they in many cases will just be thrown out??

I myself, keep all handmade cards that I get sent. I have a string with pegs in my kitchen where all cards hang for 2 weeks, then all hand made cards gets moved to my card holder in my craft room. Once the holder is bursting, they get taken down and put in a box, that I look through once in a while.

Anyway the card I want to share today, is another play with my my new LOTV stamps. I still havent managed to have a play with them all, as crafty time is VERY limited as my baby has a bad cold these days...
Hope you all like it, and THANK YOU for any comments xxx

What I've used:
LOTV stamp and Promarkers
Pink and Yellow card stock
Dotty paper from stach
"Happy Birthday" stamp and black ink
Mini peg

Marleen xxx


  1. Your card is beautiful Marleen. I keep all handmade cards too. And if Im making anything and it has a nice little "item" on it, I usually tend to put those types of things on pressies I know that will be kept, like a book or an altered item. And when Im sending cards to crafty friends what Ive started to do is put items on it that they can take off and re-use. I would usually put on one of my flowers and affix it with a foam pad which can then be taken off the card and reused. And cards going to my parents always get kept by them and any nice wrapping I do to their presents always gets handed back to me after they open it! I just tend to be selective in what I put onto cards and presents. If I know it will be kept or reused I will put trinkets, charms and nice things on it. But if I know it'll go into recycling I make a very basic card with little embellishments. Does all that make sense??!! Lee xx

  2. Marleen, your card is gorgeous. I love the LOTV stamps and have an ever growing collection. Haven't dared go on since the new launch - hubby would kill me....

    I have kept all the handmade cards I received over the years, and also any of the special ones the hubby and kids have bought. I keep them in the bottom of my wardrobe in a box and occasionally take a trip down memory lane.

    I hadn't thought about the what happens to my cards. I am quite precious over them anyway and like you have bits in my stash that I find it quite hard to part with - but I have decided that I can't worry about it - I just have to hope that whoever gets the card will love it as much as I loved making it. Afterall isn't the idea to make someone feel loved and special and spread a little happiness. x

  3. Hi Marleen, do hope your baby gets well soon. Your LOTV is so vibrant and stunning! It is hard not knowing what will happen to our cards, but I make them to make a friend smile and whatever they choose to do with my cards is up to them, I like to think people will keep my cards, I have drawers full of cards sent to myself andmy family from crafty friends, some have been put n scrapboks and some are on permanent display in my craftroom to remind me how talented and generous crafters are, happy crafting, Fi xx

  4. your cards are gorgeous.
    I worry about putting anything too pretty/expensive or jewelled on my cards as people could pull them apart. I put a dangly heart on one card. stuck firmly with silicone glue. the recipient thought it was to be taken off and ripped the entire card apart to discover she couldn't attach it to her mobile!
    so I have to be honest, it does make me think twice before putting trinkets on cards

  5. Lovely card Marleen.

    As to embellies, depends how much I like the person and how much they'd appreciate it. My aunt & sis put up previous years cards time & time again so they'd warrant a top notch pretty.. dad doesnt even put his glasses on to look so he doesnt get anything decent now lol.

  6. i have to say my fave embellis tend to be taken out of their draw and then put back in again unless i'm sending a card to a crafty friend or close family who i know will appreciate them.

    i have to say i could never bring myself to dismantle a hand-made card cos i know how much time and effort has gone into it but i'm sure most of my firnds and family appreciate the cards but not hte work that goes into them.

    btw - your card is adorable! love it.
    and hope your little one gets better soon. x
    Kathleen Mc x

  7. Love your latest card - as to what happens to my cards - a lot of people say they keep them , some have been framed -and close family relatives keep them for a while and then I get them back to "recycle them" lol

  8. stunning card marleen.the image is so pretty and i love your gorgeous colours and design :D
    i used to worry what happened to my cards but i try not to think of it now, as long as i enjoyed making them.i keep all my received cards,shop bought or handmade :D

    xx coops xx

  9. love the card . like you i treasure all the cards that are sent to me i have all the cards evr sent to my famil. the wallet swap we did last month is in a book in a plastic sleve on a stand open so my family and friends can seee it and it will stay in that book. i do not pull apart any cards i get as i find that affencive. i would not like to think others would do that to my Kathleen i tend to look put back but never stick my prize treasures to cards lol xxx

  10. Hi Marleen, great card - love the colour combo and the image is just so cute! Love LoTV but I've not been near their site since the latest launches, would spend waaay to much! As for what happens to my cards, I used to get really het up about who I sent them to and what they did with them (i.e. bin!) but I've relaxed a lot and now I say that I've had the pleasure of making them, what the recipient does with it is up to them. Tho I still find it hard to make a card order, more if the person who is buying the card doesn't like it! Sarah P.S. I also keep handmade cards, but then I've kept every card sent to me for a number of years now. Sarah