Monday, 14 January 2013

20 Questions, 5 bloggers...

20 Questions, 5 Bloggers...

I was kindly nominated by Katie Skilton to answer these 20 questions and then pass them on. This is a really fun exercise and a great way to get to know other people and yourself better!

Name: Marleen Michaelis Gallagher

Job: Im a stay-at-home mum to 3 babies. I also do craft demontrations from time to time in my local craft shop.

What do you love more than cake? My babies and my Hubby Kevin

What do you dislike? I dislike a lot of things, but being taken for granted is top of the list.. Oh and bad manners...

Who do you find annoying? Who??? Hmm cant think of anyone at the top of my head.

Favourite blog?  I could not just mention one. there are so many fantastic blogs out there.

Favourite website? ohhh dear.. I dont know, there are so many nice ones..

Are you on Facebook?  Oh god Yes... Once kids are in bed, Im on..  Do come join me.. 

Are you on Twitter? Well yes I am, but dont know how to use it...

Your 2013 New Years Resolutions?
To make time for myself and get healthier, in both body and mind. I need to learn how to relax.. Im a work-a-holic...

Children/Pets? We have 3 children. Emma 9, Michael 7 and Abbie 2.1/2. Pets, we have a dog, Hodgins, and chickens.

Best memory to date? Uhhh thats a hard one. I have many wonderful memories.. But the night I meet hubby is prob the one where most other happy memories springs from. Hubby is Irish, Im Danish. Hubby in Denmark working, eyes across the bar in an Irish pub in Copenhagen. That was it! A month later we were living together, 3 month in Kevin proposed, 9 month in I said goodbye to everything in Denmark and moved first to London, then to Ireland.

Perfect way to relax?  Hmm not my strong point. Im a self-confessed work-a-holic. I dont really stop. The only thing that slows me down is a good book.

Favourite tipple? I dont drink much, but I do love a glass of white wine.

Inspired by? My husband. Kevin work so hard to give me and the kids everything we could ever want or need. It comes with a huge sacrifice for him, as he now works in England, while me and the kids lives in Ireland.

Favourite food? ohhh.. I truly havent a clue. I like a lot of food, yet im a real fuzzy eater...

Favourite colour? Yellow and pink.

Your top tip? Im gonna steal Katies answer on this one: Enjoy everyday with your children, they really do grow up so fast!

Favourite book/Author? James Patterson

Bad habit: I work too hard and dont sleep enough.

Okay I am now going to tag 5 bloggers:  Moira, Debbi, Joan,Trudi & Maya. They are all scrappers on my Scrapbook Challenge blog, and Im dead proud of them all. Girls, Please answer the questions. Mention me and my blog and then tag 5 other bloggers to do the same!

Thanks for stopping by, and for any comments left behind.


  1. Congrats to you & your nominees.
    Wonderful answers and Yes I too am learning to relax!

  2. Great to learn a bit more about you. I haven't had time to do mine but will get them done at the weekend.

    Linda xx

  3. That's brilliant, learned a little more about you xxx

  4. Oh thank you for the award dear. I'll try to do mine as soon as possible ;)

  5. Great answers and as Linda says, nice to learn more about you. Take care. Wendy xx