Monday, 22 September 2014

Creative Blog hop..

Hi blogger friends..

Today im taking part in the creative blog hop.

"Monday again! The day where all kinds of  artists from many different genres, join in The Creative Blog Hop (TCBH) after being tagged by someone the previous Monday. The Creative Blog Hop is the brain child of a blogger, whose identity has been lost along the way. The intention is for us all, as bloggers, to get to know each other better and share ideas and inspiration. It is most commonly explained as similar to the playground game 'Tag' (you're it) but over a huge expanse of space (conceivably the whole world - or at least the parts of the world that have access to the internet). Each Blogger introduces their tagger and themselves, answers four questions about themselves and then they 'tag' three more Bloggers and it goes on and on (or at least that is the aim of the game)."

First of all I want to tag my crafting buddy Janna Gay for tagging me. Do pop over and visit her blog. Not only is she a lovely lady, she is one h*** of a talented crafter. Her blog is so worth the visit.
Ok then.. a bit about me...

My name is Marleen and im nearly 38..  I come from Denmark but live in Ireland.
Im first and foremost a mum and a wife.
Im married to Kevin, an Irishman and the reason I live here and we have 3 children.
Emma 11, Michael 9 and our baby Abbie 4.

I started crafting shortly after Emma was born.  I have always been a busy person, working from a very young age, always been independant, so sitting at home with a baby way a huge shock.
I needed something to do, bar house work, when Emma was napping. My older sister had just started making card and came over to Dublin, where we lived at the time, to visit us. She told me about cardmaking and soon we were at the local shops looking for goodies to make cards with.

Well it really just rolled from there... A small little box with goodies became a bigger box, then 2, then a few shelves, then a table with shelves and then a full room lol.. The usual for many crafters..
I started scrapbooking after Michael was born. He had a medically challenged toddlerhood and I found scrapbooking the creative stress releaser I needed.

Jump ahead  till 2010 and Abbie was born. My little ray of sunshine.
I got depression while I was pregnant with Abbie and was very ill till she was 2 years old.
My children saw me through the most diffecult time of my life but it was my crafting that kept me "sane". It was during this time I decided to try and make crafting a career. I have done some demoing in my local craft shop and I have been teaching a few classes but I hope one day to do this as a paid job, when my babies grows up.

A few projects made for my various Design Teams.

 And with that, its time for me to tag a friend of mine..

I tag Sall Baker.
Salls post will be live next monday on the 29th sep 2014.

I have gotten to know Sall over the last few years on FB. We met through various crafting groups, and she has turned in to a trusted and very dear friend to me.

Meet Sall:
Hi my name is Sall and I’m the crafty baker.  I have crafted since I was a child and became more serious about it when I was 15.  I didn’t really know what it meant then but I did enjoy putting different things together and seeing the pleasure when that card was given to someone…especially someone who appreciated the effort as well as the fact it contained part of my heart and soul.  

I have tried and enjoyed card making, scrapbooking, Cut and Craft 3d templates , bag making, sewing, box making, altering/decorating things, decoupatch and am loving becoming more familiar with the darker side of crafting.  I have dabbled in jewellery too. 

And that is all from me for today. Thank you for popping by and for any comments left behind.


  1. Hi Marleen, love the learn a bit more about you and of course I have been a follower for a number of years. You are an inspiration and just love your work. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  2. I love your blog, like Linda says, it so nice to find out about people too.
    i love that you have put all the kids on here, they are all so cute .
    you know already i think your work is fabulous, you have a talent to put things together in a great way. i often see things and think, how clever to do that. eg your bats on the soon to be revealed halloween card for example .
    ps thanks for the mention too xxx