Thursday, 10 March 2016

Continuing my forgotten stash series... Homemade stamps..

Hey everyone 
and thank you for popping by.

Today I want to continue my "Forgotten Stash" series of blog posts.
If you popped by last week you would have seen how I made use of some forgotten stamps and papers. But for today I want to make use of some funky foam.

I have 3 kids and all of them love crafting so naturally I have a stash box with bits for them.. 
Clearing up their box the other day I came across some funky foam, making me remember that I had a pack stashed of my own. Well I have to admit, I'm not personally keen on foam but there is one thing I LOVE doing with it... MAKE STAMPS..

And that is what I decided to do for todays post..
Home made stamps..

All you need for this tecnique is:
  • Funky foam
  • Diecutting machine
  • Dies
  • Cardboard
  • Glue

 Start by gathering the supplies from the list above.

Die cut any shape you want to use as a stamp. 
I do think any shape will do.

 Glue your shapes onto your cardboard and voila..
Do leave your glue to dry fully before you stamp so you dont have the foam sliding around.

Here is a finished card Ive made with the above stamp.
Made with the stamp, card stock and distress ink..

Here is a few more stamps I've made just to show you what you can do. 
Its really fun and VERY easy to do.It will give your dies a new lease of life and you will have a matching stamp and die.

A wee word of "warning". As these are made from foam some of your inks will kind a "soak into" the stamp and it can be hard to get them fully clean (I use baby wipes) meaning that next time you stamp you might get a bit of transfer. This is only a problem if you start by stamping in dark colours and then want to use a light colour next time. 
A way to solve this could be to simply make 2 stamps!!

Anyway that is all from me for today. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.
Thank you for popping by and for any comments left behind.

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  1. Hi this is a stunning card. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Genius! What a wonderful idea, I have some bit and pieces of foam in my stash and this is a perfect way to use them. Now I just have to see what kinds of dies I have to use. Thanks!

  3. Wow fabulous stamps. What a great idea x

  4. Great idea and a timely reminder that I need to get out my dies again xxx

  5. Great idea for using the funky foam. Not that I actually stamp, of course hehehe

  6. Brilliant!!! I need to get me some funky foam.x