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BeeCrafty samples on Hochanda - November

Hey bloggers..

Well?? Did you all catch Bev on Hochanda this past saturday? (19/11-2016)
Was'nt she just amazing as always??

Well today is my inspiration day for BeeCrafty, so although you may already have seen my projects made for the show, I decided to share them here on my blog today with details on how I've made them.

All the goodies I've used you can find in the BeeCrafty STORE and on the Hochanda shop.
 Tag: Mdf tags, Medium.
For this one I went strait to the tag with my distress ink. Not priming your mdf will leave your colours a bit more muted (and it may take a bit more ink to get coverage) but I really love the autumn feel this tag got. I used the "Set of backdrops textures" stamp set and stamped in a brown strait over my colours.

Now the tricky bit here is.. drying time!! It takes forever to dry.. ok ok maybe half an hour or so lol, but im a very impatient.. As I used embossing powder over my inking it HAD to be fully dry or else the embossing powder would stick to the whole tag. In the end I had it lying over night just to be sure.

I stamped with versamark and heat set with white embossing powder
I stamped with the "style wire borders" stamps and the "Any Road"greeting stamp.
I finished with a bit of white embossing powder aound the edges of the tag.

 This one took me about 10mins to make. This one is made with the "Victorian Small" tag.
Primed with white acrylic paint.

All I did was taking my guilding wax strait to the primed tag. I just rubbed and blended the wax with my finger till I got the cover I wanted. I then stamped my "Faith" stamp and one of the "style wire borders" stamps with versamark and heat set with black embossing powder.

This tag is mahooosiiive... I'ts the "Victorian XXL" mdf tags.
For this big tag I went strait in with distress paints. Mine are the dabbers so they are very quick and easy to paint with. (any paint will do may I add).
Once my tag was coated, I left it to dry. Once dry I spred a tiny amount of the paint on to my BeeCraft Blending mat and spread it out. I then tapped my background stamps into the paint and stamped, just like normal stamping, strit onto the tag.
I stamped using a selection from the style wire borders" stamps set and the "Set of backdrops textures" stamp set.

 (All the word stamping on this piece is made with BeeCrafty WORDage stamps.. Its made from many different sets but lets just say it involved cutting up several of my greeting stamps.
I often cut up my stamps to do this and the best thing is, the BeeCrafty stamps are such good quality it matters not. I simply assemble the stamps again on my acrylic block when I want to use the full sentiment again.)

I then went on to make my little notebook. Its a cheap lined pad and I simply cut a piece of card the same size and decorated that. I cover my piece of card with distress paint also and used the same stamps as on the tag to decorate. I then carried on stamping all my words from the different sets to make my greeting. I stamped in versmark and heatset it with back embossing powder.
I added the cardstock to the front of the note book.

Once the note was finished I went on to stamp my greeting onto the tag. I simply just lay down the notebook where I wanted it, lined up my stamp and removed the book while  stamped, again with versamark but with goldembossing powder. I also added gold embossing powder around all the edges of the tag.

To finish the whole project I used an old pencil and rolled it with a piece of cardstock from the "Steampunk Backgrounds" paperpack.
I attached the pencil with some stick on velcro I found in my (never used) sewing kit.

Right the last one for this time.. 
I used 2 tags for this one.
Artboards Portrait Victorian Tag

MDF Tags : Victorian Medium

Primed with white acrylic paint.

This one was actually the first one I made for this show.. Those of you who pops by here will know that Im new to MDF and I find it hard to work with, but as with anything else here in life, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.
I still learning how all the different mediums work on the wood instead of card but its a lot of fun.

I started on the big tag. I stamped the word "beautiful" from the "beautiful things" stamp (once again I cut my stamps apart) repeatedly and heat set with clear embossing powder.
I also stamped a selection from the style wire borders" stamps set and the "Set of backdrops textures" stamp set and also heat set with clear embossing powder.

I then had a play with my Distress Crayons. I simply lay down colour and rubbed it around with my finger to blend the colours. I did the same to my smaller tag and on the base for the big tag. (no background embossing, just crayons). I then left them for a bit to dry..

Once my backgrounds was done I stamped my greetings. the full "beautiful things" stamp and the "Dream" stamp with versamark and heat set with white embossing powder. I outlined the base and both tags with gold embossing powder and finished the whole piece by sticking the tags together..

 And that is it from me for today. Sorry for the long post.
Many thanks for popping by and for any comments left behind.
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 Happy Crafting

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