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BeeCrafty weekly post :-)

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Back again with my weekly slot for 
 Today I was to share my projects for the BeeCrafty show on Hochanda from the 9th Jan.
 I didnt get that many project done for this show as due the the postal delays that always happens over the festive season, I had to get samples back to Bev and Sam just a few days later in order to make sure they would make it in time.

I used the following stamps to make these samples
Inspired by Banksy "Boy with Dog XL" stamp
This one is made form one of the MDF tags. Its painted with yellow acrylic pain and stamped with black archival ink. I then took my BeeCrafty blending mat and used the little stencils on there to add the honey combe and the little bee's.
 This one is made using the paper pack Bev had on Hochanda a couple of months ago. I used a sheet and added Distress ink and glitter texturepaste through the stencil. The dots I added are made using my gluegun and coloured glue sticks.

 Another MDF tag and more acrylic paints. I created a bit more texture on this one with a bit of the  glitter texture paste I used throgh the stencil to create my word..
Now the boy on this one.. He isnt actually stamped. Bev has started to add an accetate sheet over the stamps with the image on so its easier to see the stamp. Now I love being frugal, and the way I store my stamps, I dont need the sheet, so I pulled it off the stamps and cut out the boy. I simply just glued him strait on to the tag. I really could just have stamped him and fuzzy cut him but I liked the idea of using the sheet and not just throw it away.
 And then a canvas.. Oh I LOVED making this one. Not something Ive done much off before but oh so much fun.. Bev sent us the canvas for a previous month but as I live in Ireland and post takes extra time compared to the others living in the UK, I didnt get a chance to play with it. And I was a bit scared to make a mess of it if im to be honest.. Anyway, I saw the others making some amazing canvases and seeing how amazing they did, I just went for it lol..
This is all acrylic paint.. All the texture is made by simply adding tons of paint on. Once the background was dry I used red acrylic paint through the stencil and on the littler spacers.. Those bits up on the corner is the wooden pieces that always comes with a canvas.. I think its to tighten it.. Again not wanting to waste them, I painted them and added them to my project.
The boy and girls on this one are stamped and fuzzy cut before being glued to the canvas.

 And then one of Bev's amazing MDF art boards.. God I LOVE these.. Those of you who pop by and see my BeeCrafty posts will know Im a paper artist.. I dont normally venture into canvases and MDF, but not one for turning a challenge down, I have now fully fallen in love with these..
My method on this one is pretty much the same as the other pieces. Texture paste, Acylic paint, stamping and fuzzy cutting.. The words on this one is one of my favorite sentiments from BeeCrafty, and its something I often remind myself..

 Another Art board.. More acrylic paints, more texture paste through a stencil and a bit of texture stamps stamps with distress ink..
I actually did the paste first and once dry i painted over it. While paint was still wet, I took a baby wipe and "cleaned" the words. It resulted in the words still being green, but woth the silver shining through.

See, I got brave lol.. Having made the yellow canvas above, I got a bit more confident and pulled out these mini canvases. I bought them in the £shop ages ago, but as I said above, Im a paper artist, so never found a reason to use them... Till now...
I actually taped them together to do my stamping on them to ensure that the stamping would line up. I used the "graffitti area" stamp for this. It was sadly the only project I managed to make with this stamp, but the others made some amazing samples with this, so make sure to come back and check the blog to see their projects.
The dog here is once again cut from the accetate sheets that came on the stamps, and just glued right on top.

Last but not least, a card. The only card I made for this show lol.. Once again being frugal, I decided to make a wee shaker card.. with a difference.. I made this from the wee bags the stamps comes in. Once I had taken the stamp out of the bag, I measured a piece of card to fit inside. I then created the art work using the stamps and distress ink.
I then slotted the card stock into the bag, added my heart confetti and sealed it up.
In order to make it a card, I cut a second piece of card to fit the bag and stuck it onto the back of the bag. This hid the seal line of the bag and also the mess on the back of the artwork..

And that is all the samples from this months show.
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