Wednesday, 11 October 2017

BeeCrafty Inspiration - Luster Luxe and Oxide inks

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Once again wednesday and my turn to share inspiration for

For today I have had a play with my Lustre Luxe.
For those who dont know what Lustre Luxe is, pop over to my YOUTUBE channel for and see the TUTORIAL I made on the Lustre Luxe.

These 2 cards really started bacause I wanted to see the difference of Lustre on different card. The gold background is on black card. The green is on white smooth and the red Lustre is on water colour card. I then wanted to see if Oxide ink would be able to stick to the Lustre so I grabbed my "Birds & Butterflies" stamp set and used a different stamp on each colour. I stamped with an Oxide colour that was close to the Lustre Colour.

The funny thing is, although I used 3 different colours of Oxides they all look the same now on top of the Lustre. I didnt spray any water on the Oxide simply as I was afraid the water would just puddle up and trying to mop it up would wipe the stamping off..

Please note the Oxides took quite some time to fully dry BUT its dry and stays put (unless you give it a very good rub)
Well once my backgrounds was dry, I cut the 3 panels you see here on the top card. I simply matted and layered on top of a black piece of card and I finished the card with a sentiment stamp.

 This one is made from the leftover background. I simply diecut a circle from each background and layered them up with foam tape. Again, finished with a sentiment stamp.

 And that is it for today.
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