Thursday, 30 May 2013

Crafty People Monthly. Issue 1 - May 2013

Hi Everyone.

Here is my very first article for

My name is Marleen. I come from Denmark but after meeting my husband, Kevin, I moved to Ireland. We have 3 kids. Emma 9, Michael 7 and Abbie 2 and live in the very rural, but stunningly beautiful Donegal, in Ireland.

I make cards as well as scrapbooking. I started making cards 9 years ago after Emma was born. I needed something to remind me that I was more than a mum and a house wife. Then after Michael was born, and had a bout of severe illness, I decided to start scrapbooking as well. Since then it has gone from a “me-time”, to a hobby, to an addiction and now a “job”.

I am now so lucky to sit on several design teams. I love each and everyone of them, past and present, as it gives me the chance to try new things and push my own knowledge to new hights. I also do craft demonstrations in my local craft shop from time to time. We live very rural as I mentioned, and we have very few craft shops around here. When our usual demonstator could no longer make it, the owners of the shop asked me, if I fancied having a go. Ive now been demonstration for more then a year, and I love it. I would love to do it full time one day. I will share more on both demoing and design teams in a later isssue of our newsletter.

For my corner of the newsletter, I plan to bring you new ideas each month. I’m a very classic girl and tend to stick to what I know, but I will try and dig up something different each month. I will try some of the tecniques out there that I still haven’t had a go at but also show you some inspiration with the styles I’m more confident in. Each month I will try to show you both cardmaking and scrapbooking.

And with that said, let me show you some of my crafty projects. The theme for this month is Butterflies.

Here is what I’ve made for this month, using the theme Butterflies.

Meet me!!

This scrappage I made more for fun then anything. Our editor had mentioned for us to show a project that showed our style, to give you, the reader, an idea of who we are. So I decided to scrap.. ME!! what better way to show you who I am.

Gems... This girl do not know how to craft without her gems..

For this project i simply rumaged around my stash till I found what i wanted. I cant add name to anything as its all bit and pieces from here and there.

I added white acrylic paint to the edges of my picture to liven up the dark background.
The chipboard letters have been given a coat of glossy accent to liven them up a bit.

I used one some of my favorite tecniques on this page. I love distressing/roughing up the edged of my project, yet im all about clean lines. Piercing the paper is a trend I love at the moment as well. A very easy way to create something that stand out from the project.

This card, is totally inspired by my scrappage. The papers came from a well used pad with no front cover, but are from the same pad as the scrappage.
I decided that the butterfly should take center stage here, and really just went with that. The patteren of the background paper really demands that the rest of the layout is kept simple, and i think i have managed to achive that.

And that is me for this time. I hope you like what I’ve made.
Thank you fro stopping by & for any comments left behind.


  1. I think it's fabulous Hun! It does what it says on the can lol! Well written, great card and layout too xx

  2. Well done it is fabulous! Love the scrap page and the beautiful card.

    Linda xxx

  3. Great introduction article, and lovely projects. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in future issues.

  4. lovely layout and beautiful card !!!!

  5. Really interestin introduction. love your page and card - great stuff

  6. Fabulous article Marleen, interesting read and introduction. love your LO and card they are beautiful. Looking forward to reading future articles.
    Hugs Rachael xx