Saturday, 1 June 2013

Crafty People Monthly. Issue 2 - June 2013

Hi everyone

Below is the article I have written for the
Crafty People Monthly

This month our theme is "Love of paper".. 
 A fitting title for me..

I have a thing about patterned paper.. I see a pad, I just have to have it.. If I REALLY like it, I have been known to buy 2 of the same..

Why?? because I simply love what I can create with paper. I make cards as well as scrappages and books. Lately my fellow writer, Tina Teasdale, has inspired me to have a go at altered art, and has been teaching me how to create flowers from the smallest scraps.

I have been crafting ever since my eldest baby was born, so we are coming close to 10 years now. I have gone from a little box of bits and pieces to having my own craftroom. I have gone from making very simple cards, to now trying out more and more exciting tecniques. And with that my stach grows. But nothing has grown as much as my paper stach.

I have several folders bursting full of 12x12 papers, all ready for when I get in the scrapping mood. Several A4 folders full of pads & printed designs, 8x8 pads galore and dont forget my shelf bursting full of my 6x6 pads..

So why do us crafters need that many papers?? In theory, 1 pad of paper at the time should be enough, shouldnt it??? Did I hear you all scream NOOOOOO??? lol

Personally I think it has something to do with the creative mind. I know, for myself, I get inspired to do a project when I see a paper pack I like. Many of us start out a card or a scrappage by picking our papers. so if we only had 1 pad, our creativity would dry out. I do find myself returning to a pad at a later date, so nothing ever goes to waste, but in all honesty (and I will deny ever having said this lol) I do personally have enough paper to last me a life time lol..

I asked on my FB page "why do you love paper crafting?" Here is what some of my crafting buddies had to say:

Sandy Hughes Hubbard: I love it because it is my therapy. It is a happy place I can go, leave the outside world outside. Forget about everything that is going on in life. It is just me and my memories :o)

Fran Hancock: I love Paper Crafting because it helps me relax from the stresses of the day, and I love being able to give family handmade cards, I haven't bought a shop card for years .

Sall Baker: You mean you need to ask lol? I love the freedom to express myself, the ability to create something original, unusual and different, I love giving something that has been made with love and soul and means something.

Paper Crafting: 
Well I guess really it is'nt just about our love for paper, is it? Its what we can make with paper, its the quality time we get out of playing with paper. The satisfation we get out of making and giving something we made simply with paper.

Next month I will explore that side a bit more. I will have an interwiev with a good crafting buddy of mine, Gwyneth, who will tell us about what Crafting with poor health means for her.

Thanks for stopping by & for any comments left behind


  1. I havent made many cards, but do quill with strips of paper and some scrapbooking, And love colecting papers, dont have a stash like yours, but could if I let myself,lol yes it is relaxing and takes your mind off other things !!!

  2. Gorgeous card Marleen, love the pretty papers.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  3. I love paper! Just to look at & stroke! lol Sometimes I use it to craft too!

  4. I know what you mean about paper, I'm always on the look out for 'bits' I can use either as backgrounds for cards or scrap-pages to go with the heaps I already have. Obsession is too small a word for it :-)


  5. Good article Marleen......and I love that card, it's gorgeous xx

  6. I love paper Crafting too. It's touch, feel and see thing. Something unexplainable in words happen deep within. Handmade card made with paper and board is excusite somehow.There is sense of freedom and an expression of purity, love and a satisfaction like nothing else can give. More like a love affair.
    However, In Sri Lanka we are so limited in purchase of material. We cannot get what you have there, like the 12"x12", and the 6"x6" pad nor the printed paper. There is however FSC certified Plain colour paper and board and that what I use. When ever a friend or anyone travels to Sri Lanka my only request is to bring craft items! I'm also a crazy collector. I do have a good collection. Love doing what I do. You can check this out.Please make a comment. People here don't go for handmade cards that much and I have a lot of marketing to do .I love your cards and visit your blog almost everyday.

  7. What an interesting read - it is amazing how theraputic crafting with something as simple as paper is - I am inspired to get crafty tonight now!
    Jill x

  8. I cannot believe how much paper you have, I admit to a drawer full of scraps but very little else....I so want to come and maybe sneak a little of your stash because it looks better than any craft store I have ever been in!