Saturday, 15 June 2013

Altered Money bags fro Shernocky Crafts..

Good morning everyone..

First of all, I want to say a HUGE welcome to my new followers. Over the last few week several new people has joined me on my little piece of the www. 
Im delighted you are all here, and hope you will continue to find inspiration when you visit.

My post for today is for 

Each month, we, the DT, get a bag of goodies to play with. 
June goodies consists off:
 1 x Paperartsy Hot Picks A5 stamp set
1 x Paperartsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint
  1 x Polyview photo display book
10 small brown money envelopes
  A length of Jute ribbon 
If you wish to see my first June project click HERE.. 
As I used the photo album on my first post, I was left with the little money bags.
And by god... Im struggeling on this one..
 Anyone who knows me, know that Im am NOT an altere.. I never have managed to get the hang of altering. And these little bags.. Not a clue what to do with them..
I ended up having to ask the rest of the DT for help. They all had loads of great idea and I cant wait to see what they have made, but one idea stood out. One of the girls suggested to make some little tag pockets.. My brain said "Use the as they are".. Dont know if that makes sense, but it did to me..
So i have taken the little envelopes and used them just as they are... As envelopes..
In my kids school (and proberbly in every school) we are quite often asked for money for one thing or another. I already have little brown envelopes I write on when I send money in to the school, so I decided to go down that road. Only to add my crafty flair.
This is the finished result:

 I first coated all 3 envelopes with different amounts of my paint (see list above). This paint dries so quick, that by the time I came back from washing my brush, the envelopes were dry.
All I did was use the stampset to stamp strait onto the envelopes. I used black memento ink.
The letters are all outline stickers that I coloured black with my promarkers. 

That is it!! It was soooo simple..

I showed my finished project to the kids when they landed home from school yesterday, and both just LOVED them. They knew strait away what it was I had made and have now requested that I make some more, for when the new school year starts.

Now what to make for my last project lol.. Still have a few of the envelopes left and desperate need an idea of what to make with them.. 

But that is it for today.. I do hope you like what I've made.
Thank you for stopping by and for any comments left behind.



  1. These are fabulous hun. Great idea! x

  2. What a Great idea Marleen, I love them, just a shame I have no young children now :( ... OO I could do them for other things though, thanks for giving me some inspiration xxxx

  3. Thank you for the inspiration the bags are beautiful.

  4. What a fab idea great for little ones to xxxx

  5. Love the envelopes look really good.
    An idea for your other project... how about a mini envelope album with the pockets for keeping memory treasures in?
    Emma x

  6. Fantastic altered envelopes, great stamps used and colours.

    Sylv xx
    Crafty Bloggers Network DT Team

  7. Fabulous Marleen, I love the images and a fabulous idea too.

    Linda xxx

  8. Hi Marleen, Great idea, and I'm sure they will be the highlight of the day for the teacher!
    Avril x

  9. Great work Marleen! I'm sure they will be appreciated!
    Dawn xx

  10. They look fab - & a good reminder that altering doesn't necessarily mean taking something & turning it into something else - it can just mean making it look different!

  11. Fab idea to decorated up plain little envelopes.

  12. Fab idea, knew you would think of something x

  13. very nice idea, they will love them !!!!