About me..

hmmm what to write about myself..

I'm first and foremost a mum. Lucky to be a stay at home mum.
I'm married to my best friend, Kevin, and we have 3 kids.

I started crafting many years ago when my babies was small. It gave me a sense of purpose that was mine alone and involved being just me for a bit. Not "just a mum".

It slowly grew from a hobby to a passion and then into work.
I have been through it all lol.
Crafting for fun, crafting with strict deadlines. Teaching, demoing, being published in magazines, youtube channel..  you name it, Ive done it.
I have worked for many companies over the years. Some big companies, other small private companies but I have loved and learned from each step.

Over the last year I have scaled my crafting down to once again being a hobby. I no longer work in the industry but I still design for Design teams.

Other passions have now entered my life and if you wanna follow those journeys, go back and press the FOLLOW ME button.

Thanks for stopping by
Marleen xx

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